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It’s no secret that times are tough. But in the flux, there’s opportunity – and we help you find it.

We help restaurants leverage the digital landscape to keep orders flowing and staff going – and the results just might blow you away.

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people need to eat.
we make it easy for them to order from you.

People can’t come into your restaurant, but that doesn’t mean they can’t enjoy your food.

We build digital takeout systems that make it simple for customers to keep ordering from you.

we help you cash in on customer loyalty.

You’ve built relationships with customers that love you. We make it easy for them to help support you during these times.

Consider it a temporary loan, an emergency bailout, or simply a downpayment on some delicious food and cocktails in the future.

Customers are eager to help.

we help keep your orders flowing and your staff going.

It’s our mantra.

During these times, we believe that the best defense is a good offense. So, let us get creative for you and find ways to keep the cash flowing.

we're here to help you implement creative strategies that will enable you to thrive in these chaotic times.

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At the very least you will walk away with three ideas that will help you weather this – and we’ll make sure you can implement them right after you get off the phone.

Automated Takeout Systems

touchless takeout.

We set restaurants up with online takeout systems – and we don't take 30% of the cut...

how it works

  1. We build you a branded takeout site that makes it easy for customers to order from you. See an example.
  2. Customers can order takeout and pick it up at a set time – all without dealing with cash payments or coming in close contact with others. All key pieces right now. We call this Touchless Takeout.
  3. Payments go directly into your bank account – no massive fees to Skip or Uber or us.

we help make it easy for your customer's to dine with you – without you paying a 30% fee.

Skip, Uber, + DoorDash all take 20% to 30%. We don’t.

We build you takeout systems that YOU OWN – and we don’t charge you big fees that will bleed your margins.

We’re transparent with our pricing, charging a small upfront fee to set-up  and just 3.9% of total monthly transactions to provide you on-going support.

let's chat about how we can move you from surviving to thriving.

Schedule a 15-minutes, no-obligation, no fluff chat.

We promise you you will walk away with at least three new ideas that could help you get through the times.

cash in on customer loyalty

custom gift card solutions.

We make it easy for customers who love you to support during these times.

how it works.

  1. We set up a simple and beautiful gift card solution that makes it easy for your customers to purchase and drive your loyal customer base to it. See example.

  2. Gift cards can be used by your customers once your restaurant is open again. Think of it as a temporary loan, an emergency bailout, or simply a downpayment on some delicious food and cocktails in the future. 

  3. Payments from the gift cards go directly into your bank account now – giving you additional cash to weather the storm.
case study.

Haven Kitchen + Bar

We most recently helped family-owned Haven Kitchen + Bar achieve an average of $2,000 in takeout sales per day and generate enough gift card sales to cover overhead for months.

how we did it...

developing powerful takeout systems

We created a simple but powerful Touchless Takeout system that kept the kitchen open, food flowing, and people coming to the door (without touching it). This included food sales, alcohol sales, and merchandise.

gift card purchases as simple as a click

We made it easy for customers to support Haven by creating a simple gift card program that customers paid into now and would redeem once things go back to normal. Turns out a lot of customers were waiting to help.

rallying employees to help out

We created different ways to re-engage employees and turned them into marketing advocates for the company. This turned their community into Haven's.

telling the story

As humans, we are wired to relate to stories. We mapped out the Haven story and used the power of social to tell it. This spread the word beyond the existing community and has generated a whole new loyal following.

customer loyalty

Helping each other is in our nature. We created social campaigns that rallied Haven's existing customer base and got them engaged in helping out. This meant increased gift card purchasing, larger reach on social, and more people ordering takeout.

targeted ads

With ad prices at an all time low and people spending more time on their phones than ever, it was the perfect time to develop and execute a targeted ad campaign that's building brand recognition and driving customers to order takeout.

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