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the outline.

project goal

To set Prime Movers up with a digital web platform that will allow them to better take advantage of the numerous marketing opportunities on search engines.

Ultimately, this campaign has three goals:

1. To Increase Prime Movers' Traffic

Our campaign will be focused around increasing the amount of qualified traffic to the site with the intention of generating more leads and establishing Prime Movers as an authority.

2. To Generate Prime Movers' Leads

The main goal is to drive the right traffic to your site by providing a high amount of value, and converting those interested and qualified parties into high-quality leads that ultimately generate business.

3. To Build Prime Movers' Digital Authority

Visibility in search engines creates an implied endorsement effect where people searching associate quality, relevance and trustworthiness with sites that rank highly for their searches.

All of these goals will also have the side benefit of building brand awareness, helping to further establish Prime Movers as a staple in the Alberta industrial moving market.


phase 1:
wordPress transfer

Step one is to re-develop the Prime Movers site on WordPress, based on the design and development of the current BD Rigging site.

This will provide Prime Movers with a conversion-focused site that is much better equipped to capitalize on current search engine opportunities and give is a lot more flexibility in what we can do to generate traffic.

  • A Badass Site – A site that you will be proud to share and that is designed to generate business.
  • Image Optimization – All images optimized for speed and so search engines can index them.
  • Speed Optimization – Optimize the site for fast loading time which increases the quality of user experience and its something search engines love.
  • Transfer Current SEO Ranking – Generate a current understanding of Prime Mover’s search engine results and ensure that no ranking is lost.
  • Design Tweak – Minor tweaks and changes to the design style.
  • Copy – Changes to the copy, as provided by Prime Movers.
  • Blog – Ability to provide regular updates in blog format, as well as create SEO focused content.
$4,500 W/ BLOG (35% discount)
Future Add-Ons:
  • Equipment Page – detailed equipment pages showcasing the in-depth nature of each of the pieces of equipment Prime Mover’s has.
  • Case Studies Page – in-depth case studies highlighting unique jobs Prime Mover’s has done. This acts as a powerful sales tool.
  • Sales Landing Pages – unique sales focused landing pages that the sales team can use to target new business.


phase 2:
keyword+search engine power-up

In order to ensure that your site is optimized for search engines from the get go, we first need to understand what your customers are searching for and what your competitors are doing.
This add-on ensures that the site we build matches customer search queries and beats out the competition to that number one spot in Google – a must for any business that wants to grow.
  • Industry Keyword Research – Detailed keyword research for your company and industry
  • Competitor Keyword Research –  Detailed keyword research for at least 3 of your competitors
  • Keyword Integration – On-page keyword integration and on-page SEO optimization, ensuring the site we launch is findable.
Investment: $1,500, One-Time Investment


phase 3:
on-going SEO marketing

Once your foundation is set, it’s time to really get to work. From here, we deploy SEO marketing and optimization that will enable us to capitalize on uncovered SEO opportunities in your space, as well as Google Local Search opportunities.

This is done through a mix of ongoing SEO optimization, content creation, and dedicated pages that will capture Google’s heart.

Investment: $1,250/month, 6+ Month engagement To See Solid Results

don't just take our word for it...

While we like to think our work speaks for ourselves, what we really care about at the end of the day is how our customers feel once we’ve completed their site.

Don’t take our word for it, take theirs.



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I can sincerely recommend Ethos as a tight-knit team of result-driven, highly-skilled and passionate creatives. Their workflow is full of wonderful ideas and they have the ability to execute. The end result was absolutely amazing.


Matt Lister

CEO, Cloud Advisors
Working with Ethos we were able to really hone in on what our vision actually looked like and they delivered something that blew our expectations away. They gave us a website and platform that we can really use to grow the podcast.

Joss Biggins

Founder, thinkspace podcast

When I came to Ethos, I didn’t really know what I wanted. All I knew was that it had to be simple, beautiful, and showcase my photography. The team there blew me away and my site has paid itself off 1000x over. Seriously, they are amazing.


Angela Ruscheinski

Founder, Angela Ruscheinski Photo