Website, Branding, and Digital Ecosystem Development

Before We Begin

a quick word.

We’ve been doing this for over 10 years, and while a lot has changed, the fundamentals haven’t.

We believe that at the end of the day, your brand, website, and digital ecosystem should do three things for you:


They should be a powerful customer educator.

They should aim to help potential customers understand what you are about and make the decision to work with you – effortlessly.


They should be a powerful driver of acquisition.

Your website and digital systems should make it easy for potential customers to become paying customers.


They should do a lot of the heavy lifting for you.

It's 2021 – the days of doing everything manually are over.

Your website and the digital ecosystems behind your brand should be scalable and automated, acting like an employee that's working for you around the clock, without you having to lift a finger.

To achieve this for you, we blend our unique knowledge of behavioural psychology, search engine optimization, user experience and design, funnel creation, automation, and beautiful web design to create experiences that both educate AND convert your customers.

We look forward to working with you.

– Julian + the Ethos team


To provide the [[BRAND]] with a powerful and fresh new website that acts as a 24/7 customer educator and lead generation platform. The platform will:

1. make it easy for potential customers to understand what you offer and find the value in it

2. nurture interested visitors and convert them into leads and customers, and finally

3. do all of this using automation, so you do less work.

It's Not "Just A Website"

what you're getting.

We don’t just build “websites” because long-gone are the days of digital billboards that do little to convince a customer to work with you.

Instead, we build digital ecosystems.

These are customer-focused, conversion-centric sales platforms designed to put your message in front of your customers in a way that engages them and convinces them to act in a way we’ve pre-designed.

Oh, and they work for you around the clock.

By the end of the project, you will have:


A 24/7 customer-education platform.

Educate prospects, convert customers, and drive inquiries, all without having to lift a finger. By the end of the project, you will have a website that educates customers about what you do around the clock.


A customer-centric lead-generator.

We build all our sites focused on two things: 1) the visitor and 2) turning that visitor into a customer. We do so by staying hyper-focused on visitor-flow and lead generation.


A dynamic platform that enables growth.

It's not about "having a website". It's about having an asset that helps your business today while supporting your growth tomorrow. It's not just a static billboard. It's a dynamic marketing machine that can be used to tell stories, run promotions, generate leads, and publish content your customers love.


A powerful brand and reputation builder.

People are wired to make judgments based on their first impression. We make sure that that impression is the exact one you want them to have.

Case Study:
The Only Thing That Matters – Real Results

The Property Twins

The Property Twins are well-known Langley realtors, but were struggling to bring in consistent leads organically.

Ethos put together a strategy to develop the brand and build a website that monopolized the long-tail search keywords for Langley real estate.

The result was a 1,000% increase in organic traffic and leads within the first 30 days, and the project had a 100% ROI that same month.

project proposal.

based on our discussion, these are the options we think would best suit you. a detailed description of each is in the section below.
core recommendation.

Website development.

Investment: $5,499

This isn’t just a fresh coat of paint. This is designing your website and web strategy from the ground up and positioning you to be able to drive traffic, capture leads, and most importantly, convert them to customers.

Proper web design will not only give you a unique and one-of-a-kind site that is built around the customer, but it will act as a 24/7 sales platform designed to generate and convert interest into leads.

As per the client’s request, this will be clean, modern one-page website* including branded design.

Not only will your site have all the basics, but it will also be built around leading a customer to your desired action – whether that’s picking up the phone, giving you their email, or searching for a mortgage.

Website development includes:

  • Up to eight lead-focused sections including:
    • Hero Section
    • About Cavalli
    • Offerings & Services
    • Why Cavalli – Your unique value proposition
    • Featured listings
    • MLS Search
    • Testimonials & Reviews
    • Scheduling
  • Featured listings, search, and scheduling will be unique areas as well.
  • Baseline SEO, call-to-actions, analytics, and social sharing are included in the set-up.
  • Basic email capture set-up, if requested.

Lead Capture power-up.

Investment: $1,499

With the core of your business being about attracting client leads, the lead capture is a no-brainer. Done right, it will help convert regular browsers into qualified leads – and ain’t that the whole point.

Make no mistake, lead capture is an intentional and designed process.

With this Power-Up, we create distinct user flows throughout your site that will follow predictable, quantifiable, and repeatable patterns, promoting customers to take whatever action we decide is the best intention for the page.


  • Designing and implementing specific lead capture popups and actions throughout the site, ensuring we maximize our ability to convert customers.

automated scheduling.

Investment: $599

Automate the scheduling process with an integrated calendar and call booking sequence. This allows for leads to choose their favorite time and schedule themselves into your calendar – on your terms, of course – and have all the scheduling and follow-up automated.

additional recommendations.

Keyword power up

Investment: $1,499

Depending on your marketing strategy, SEO may or may not play a role in what you do. If leveraging search is, we recommend investing in the most important piece of showing up in search – understanding keywords.

In order to ensure that your site is optimized for search engines from the get-go, we first need to understand what your customers are searching for and what your competitors are doing.

This add-on ensures that the site we build matches customer search queries and beats out the competition to those coveted spots on top of Google – a must for any business that wants to grow.


  • Detailed keyword research for your company and at least three competitors.
  • On-page keyword integration and on-page SEO integration.

Brand Strategy

Investment: $2,749

Before you redevelop your brand, we ALWAYS recommend knowing what your brand strategy is. This means knowing what your brand stands for, what it promises to your customers, and the personality it shows up as. Doing this will ensure you show up to the market with a clear and compelling message that resonates with customers. It will save you a lot of headaches down the road.

The first step is to develop your brand strategy and to get clear on what you are, what you aren’t, how to position yourself in the market, and how you will differentiate your product offering. This is based on a mix of internal knowledge,  industry knowledge, competitor landscape analysis, and customer exploration through Google Keyword Analysis, LinkedIn, Quora, and other places we know customers hang out. 

In this step, we get very clear on how you will add value to your customer’s lives and differentiate yourself from competitors.


  • In-Depth Industry Research
  • In-Depth Competitor Research
  • Two-Hour Brand Strategy Session
  • Finalized and Agreed Upon Brand Strategy

Brand development


A brand is simply the reputation your customers have about you in their heads, and nothing sets a better first impression than a well-executed brand design that conveys what you’re all about… without you having to say a word. 

Once we know how your  brand will come across in the market, we design and develop your brand so that it comes across in a way that customers connect with and gravitate towards.

In brand design, we deliver:

    1. Brand Name – Come up with a brand name that perfectly captures how you want your brand to be represented in the market.
    2. Primary Logo – The cornerstone of your company’s visual identity, you will be delivered both JPEG, PNG, as well as an editable version of the logo (PSD or AI).
    3. Secondary Logo / Alternate Graphics
    4. Image Guidelines – Develop image guidelines.
    5. Font & Typography – Find the perfect typefaces to complement your new brand design. If necessary, fonts need to be purchased by the client for use beyond the files provided.
    6. Color Palette – A branded color palette that acts as the foundation for your brand’s look and feel. You will receive a webpage listing the specifications for the colors of your brand.
    7. Collateral – Up to three pieces of business collateral including business cards, letter heads, presentation templates.

Strategic Messaging

Investment: $1,499

If you’re not clear on exactly how to speak to your customers, we highly recommend understanding their language and developing simple and clear customer-focused marketing messages that their language. Without it, everything you say is falling on deaf ears.

While it is not 100% necessary to do this in the beginning, proper messaging is one of the most important factors in converting potential clients into customers.

Benefit-focused messaging is a crucial part of building any great business.

So, how well does your messaging connect with the customers looking for your service?

How do you know?

With the Strategic Messaging, we develop simple and clear customer-focused marketing messages that your customers can understand and will act on.

We research your customer’s current pain points and language choices and develop a brand voice that is easy to remember and engaging – because it’s that of your customers.

We then leverage this new brand voice to write web messaging that brings to life how your brand will help customers and what it will make them feel.

With Strategic Messaging in place, your brand will live, talk, and engage with the people who matter most to your business – in the way they want to be engaged with.

If we didn’t know how it worked, we’d honestly call it magic.


  • In-depth company and customer research by our research team.
  • 1x – 2-hour exploration interview with a marketing member of your team and/or customers.
  • A deliverable outlining key marketing messages that resonate best with your customers.

don't just take our word for it...

While we like to think our work speaks for ourselves, what we really care about is how it performs for our customers once it’s in the wild.

Don’t take our word for it, see what they have to say!

our work.





Heirloom Home Shop



A team of top 1% realtors looking to do real estate a little bit differently.


A team of top 1% realtors looking to do real estate a little bit differently.


A team of top 1% realtors looking to do real estate a little bit differently.


A media hub and creative platform designed to promote and market amazing talented musicians from around the world.


On a mission to fill the void between mental health and society’s issues discussing it. 


A service-focused real estate agent looking to establish himself among the big players in a competitive Vancouver market.


A high-growth B2B software as a service (SAAS) company focused on redefining the Employee Benefits space.


A Canada-wide employee benefits provider that services employers across the country with benefit programs and group retirement plans.


An established Industrial Moving Company looking to cement their digital presence and beat out their local competitors.


An digital fitness platform providing expert-design workout programs, live daily workouts, and outcome-focused fitness programs – all proven to get results.


A fast-growing, Vancouver-based podcast that explores conversations for the passionately curious.

oversized fine print.

We are huge fans of keeping all the cards face up and making sure everyone knows all the little details.


The domain for the website will be provided by the client. If no domain is currently purchased, we will seek out and purchase a domain on your behalf. All costs will be covered by the client.


If the client does not have a preferred hosting choice, website hosting will be determined by Ethos, based on our experience, as well as the needs of the website. All costs for hosting, themes, and plugins will be covered by the client.


All content and copy will be provided by the client and uploaded to the site by Ethos.

Images will be jointly sourced by both parties and the cost of images, if any, will be covered by the client.

post-launch hosting.

Your website needs to work for you, your business, and your customers, and in today’s competitive web environment, you have to ensure your website is working at it’s best.

Content updates, software updates, plugins, performance, backups, and security all need to be regularly maintained to make sure that your site is performing competitively.

But your time is valuable – and it should be spent running your business. That’s where we come in.

We have packaged a range of Website Care Plans that will keep your site fresh, backed up, performance-optimized, and secure.

We encourage you to think intelligently about your website. You’ve made an investment. Now, make sure it’s working for you.

You can view our packages here.

our happy clients.

we let our work speak for itself.

I can sincerely recommend Ethos as a tight-knit team of result-driven, highly-skilled and passionate creatives. Their workflow is full of wonderful ideas and they have the ability to execute. The end result was absolutely amazing.


Matt Lister

CEO, Cloud Advisors
Working with Ethos we were able to really hone in on what our vision actually looked like and they delivered something that blew our expectations away. They gave us a website and platform that we can really use to grow the podcast.

Joss Biggins

Founder, thinkspace podcast

When I came to Ethos, I didn’t really know what I wanted. All I knew was that it had to be simple, beautiful, and showcase my photography. The team there blew me away and my site has paid itself off 1000x over. Seriously, they are amazing.


Angela Ruscheinski

Founder, Angela Ruscheinski Photo

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